Commercial Leasing

Commercial Leasing

Our Real Estate practice group includes a core team of lawyers with deep experience in negotiating and structuring commercial leasing transactions. We have built a reputation for excellence through many years of successfully representing sophisticated landlords and tenants.  Over the years, we have built strong, long-term relationships with our clients by seeking to understand how their business objectives are best supported by our strategic real estate advice.

Our lawyers bring a multidisciplinary approach to advising clients on the full range of business issues that can affect a lease. We raise issues that might otherwise go unnoticed – and that could have repercussions long after the lease is signed.

We represent landlords and tenants in all types of leasing arrangements including office, retail, net building, warehouse, and ground leases and subleases. Our clients include prominent developers as well as financial services, consulting, media, hospitality, and other companies for whom we implement leasing programs and strategies in all asset categories.  We have worked closely with the real estate personnel of large corporations to develop standardized lease provisions, agreements and procedures designed to make their leasing operations more efficient and cost-effective, including the preparation of lease summaries and the creation of data bases containing key dates for renewals, exercise of options and other important deadlines.  We have also faciliated lease audits which were undertaken to significantly reduce operating costs. 

In addition, our lawyers excel at negotiating lease buy-outs, assignments, and subleases. By negotiating advantageous leases for landlords and tenants, we free them to focus on their core business and revenue-producing activities.